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July 18, 2009

LOTD for July 18

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The NY Times bought the Boston Globe for $1.1 billion in 1993…and now might have to *pay* someone $40 million to take it from them! The Taylor family sold the Boston Globe to the NY Times for $1.1 billion and now the NY Times could pay them millions to take it back?

2-year-old boy (he recently turned 3) drove his battery-powered toy truck into a river and somehow survived an 8-mile trip down the river. Amazingly, he was unharmed and the toy truck still works!

Serbian woman was hit by lightning…and it cured her heart arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) problem! She will live much longer now because she was hit by lightning!

A small town (3,800 residents) in Canada is being relocated a mile away so that a mining company can get at the gold deposits under its streets and houses. More than 6 million ounces of gold lie underneath the town, so the mining company is moving the buildings a mile away and has promised to build them a state-of-the-air school and community center, golf course, and the mining will create hundreds of jobs:

Survey of Canadian executives found that 20% of the executives felt that a single typo would cost a potential employee a job!

Ohio scientist developed a car that is powered by pee:

Nearly a third of people in Mississippi are obese, the first time any state passed the 30% mark. No state had its obesity rate drop and 31 states had it rise last year. In 1991, only 4 states had obesity rates above 15% and none were above 20%…and now only 1 state (Colorado at 18.9%) is below 20%:

The recession has resulted in a 40% or so drop in divorce filings in the US, as people cannot afford to get divorced:

Woman in Tampa was using a hotel restroom when a gun fell out of a woman’s holster in the next stall and shot her in the thigh:

For Lori–Paula Abdul’s manager said that she will leave American Idol if the “rude” producers don’t give her a contract soon:


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