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July 24, 2009

LOTD for July 24

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The F-35 appears to have fallen two more years behind schedule (they were originally supposed to start construction in 2010, but that was pushed back to 2014 and now to 2016), with the F-35 being one of the big reasons why the US wanted to stop production of the F-22s. The F-35s are supposed to replace the aging F-15s, F-16s, and F-18s, so this delay could be a big problem for the Air Force:

Advances in complex networks theory and modeling are leading to the ability to do “reality mining”, which can predict things like the economic and social effects of billions of new Internet users in China and India or the exact location and number of airline flights to cancel around the world to halt the spread of a pandemic:

Interesting debate over which computer language is the best for a programmer to learn first. There is a growing trend in Universities to teach Scheme (a dialect of Lisp) first:

Army Colonel who is retiring after 40 years of service is planning to eat a C-ration pound cake (he saved a C-ration kit from 1969) during his retirement ceremony:

The Russian Navy declassified its records of encounters with UFOs:

I think that it is horrible that Vodafone is charging 20 pence per minute for their customers that call the free hotline that the UK government set up to give advice on the swine flu. The 3 other mobile operators are allowing for free calls to that swine flu advice line, so Vodafone charging for those calls looks really bad:

Rumor is that the long-delayed Apple tablet device will be released in the first quarter of next year:

Hawaii has the highest percentage of millionaires for any state in the US:

I enjoyed reading this list of the weird things people have said in job interviews:

10-year-old robbed an 11-year-old at gunpoint, taking his skateboard:

Florida city manager was fired when the town council found out that he was married to a porn actress:


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