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July 25, 2009

LOTD for July 25

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Fugitive UK couple might have starved to death on the yacht they stole:

I knew the basics of Iran’s political system, but I learned a lot of things from this nice summary:

Interesting that this study found that women were 10% more accurate than men at hammering a nail when the lights were on, but men were 25% more accurate than women at hammering in the dark:

The US has a shortage of primary care physicians, a problem that will get even bigger as current physicians age…since 1997 US medical school graduates in family medicine and general internal medicine have fallen by nearly 50%. The growing shortage of pediatricians can be attributed to salaries–pediatricians make $171k and orthopedic surgeons make $480k!

Concern over the acute liver failure due to acetaminophen and the 100 deaths per year from people taking it has resulted in an FDA panel recommending greater regulation of the most commonly used painkiller in the country. This affects a variety of popular over-the-counter products including Extra Strength Tylenol and other Tylenol products:

Archaeologists discovered pieces of flutes carved from bone and ivory at least 35,000 years ago!

NASA’s lunar missions are just part of a new race to the moon–with the US, India, China Japan, and Europe all with moon missions:

Interesting study found that most people say that they aren’t old and that they feel younger than their actual age. People younger than 30 think that 60 is old, middle aged people think that 70 is old, 65 and older people think that 75 is old, and so on. Just 21% of people aged 65 to 74 say they feel old, and just 35% of those 75 and older say they feel old:

Low-cost European airline is trying to get Boeing to design a standing room section. They are also eliminating their luggage check-in desks so passengers will carry their luggage all the way to the airplane:

Malaysian authorities confiscated 900 boxes of coffee laced with Viagra. The coffee was being marketed as an energy booster, and people taking the coffee might have been in for quite a surprise!

Loan company in Latvia is having customers sign a contract pledging their immortal soul as collateral!

For Lori: The Octomom signed a contract for her *kids* to star in a reality show. She has already been cited for violating child labor laws from when her kids were infants, so hopefully there will be someone to monitor the kids. 15% of the money the kids earn will be in a trust, the other 85% will be under her control…hopefully some of that will be saved for the kids:

For Lori: Jon from Jon & Kate Plus 8 apparently is getting his own reality show:


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