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July 27, 2009

LOTD for July 27

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Advances in artificial intelligence has led to a debate by computer scientists whether or not further advances could have dangerous consequences…they are studying the possibility that humans will lose control of computer-based intelligence, especially now that they are armed:

I cannot express how upset I feel at having our soldiers (18) electrocuted in Iraq due to faulty wiring. They risk their lives for our country and it shouldn’t be dangerous for them to take a shower! KBR (Halliburton) of course denies they were at fault despite how the water pump they installed short-circuited and killed this special forces member because the water pump was not properly grounded:

Israel’s missile defense system for ships went through a successful high-seas test:

Europe is fast-tracking the testing of a swine flu vaccine, allowing companies to skip testing their vaccine with large numbers of people (to make sure the correct dosage is being used and watch for side effects) before releasing it to the public:

The GAO released a report sharply criticizing the Department of Homeland Security’s decision to local a $700 million research facility for highly infectious exotic animal pathogens in a tornado-prone section of Kansas.

South Korea’s KAIST is conducting research projects to turn science fiction into reality. They are looking to foster creativity with their students and want to be one of the top 10 science and technology Universities in the world. They will teach solely in English by next year:

Scientists are getting close to understanding how to grow replacement bones with stem cell technology:

Interesting new biometric tool–using the way that people walk as a unique identifier. It would seem to me that there would be flaws in this–criminals could just change their walking style and people with injured legs or in wheelchairs would not be identified correctly with this system:

Mathematicians are trying to judge the happiness of the public by analyzing 10 million sentences on 2.3 million blogs. They found that election day was the happiest in nearly four years (wouldn’t nearly half the people be unhappy then?) and the day Michael Jackson (and Farrah) died was one of the saddest:

Mine shafts that are about to be closed down could be used to provide geothermal energy to local towns. The energy is obtained from the internal heat of the Earth, so this is renewable, clean energy that could also be profitable:
Article link

Ericsson won the auction for Nortel’s CDMA/LTE assets, with their $1.13 billion bid even topping the $1.1 billion RIM wanted to bid last week:

This analysis of the price Ericsson paid concludes that Ericsson made a good deal for its company:

RIM apparently hasn’t given up their attempt to buy Nortel’s CDMA/LTE assets, but I cannot see how they could get around the bankruptcy court sale…especially since Ericsson paid more than RIM offered:

This seems to indicate why Nortel kept its key LTE patents out of the CDMA/LTE auction that Ericsson won…RIM has been negotiating with Nortel to buy those patents for months:

As usual, the iPhone drove AT&T customer additions (the majority of AT&T’s new customers got the iPhone) and data revenues, but took a portion of AT&T’s profits:

The iPhone and iTouch are still the top platforms for mobile web users, but the Android platform is really gaining (up 25% from last month for web usage). Android phone web usage has already passed web usage for Windows Mobile!

Verizon Wireless had a good quarter (but the wireline business for Verizon is deteriorating) and they look forward to having the Palm Pre and Android-based phones from Motorola soon:

Sprint said that they are glad they waited for the second generation of the Android operating system–they will have a second-generation Android-based phone later this year:

New Jersey police had to use pepper spray on an aggressive groundhog:;cbsnewsLeadStoriesHeadlines

Convicted car thief out of probation impersonated a police officer (his Ford Crown Victoria had flashing lights, a microphone and speakers) and tried to pull over a car in Oakland…too bad for him that an unmarked police vehicle and the undercover cop he tried to pull over arrested him!

Buy 1 get 1 free smoothie at Jamba Juice with this coupon from Jamba Juice’s website, print as many copies as you want and the coupon is good until August 9:


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