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July 29, 2009

LOTD for July 29

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Article about how next-generation UAVs will need to be able to fly in formation. The robotic lab that my company is partnered with on some projects already had microspacecraft fly in formation years ago and they have ground robots moving in formation now, so they might be interested in knowing about this application for their technology:

UAV Technology Center has opened in Dayton, Ohio:

New report released on the emerging unmanned ground vehicle and unmanned maritime vehicle markets–they are $504 million combined this year and revenues are expected to increase quickly:

Analysis about how recent events make it more likely that Israel will bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities:

Transparent aluminum has now gone from Star Trek movies to reality, and it is being called a new state of matter with implications for planetary science and nuclear fusion:
Article link

Mathematical modeling has advanced to the point where it could be become a key part of breast cancer treatment:
Article link

Mother mice injected with nanoparticles while pregnant showed alteration in genes related to their central nervous system…more study is needed because these types of nanoparticles are being increasingly used for air and water purification and self-cleaning surfaces:
Article link

The CDC is meeting now to decide which groups should get the swine flu vaccine and if any group should have priority:

One major concern is that the swine flu has been especially brutal on pregnant women:

Vaccines are being developed to protect against STDs including HIV and herpes, but college students who feel invincible will refuse to be vaccinated:

The bankruptcy court approved Ericsson’s bid for Nortel’s CDMA/LTE assets:

Apple says that jailbroken iPhones could knock out cell phone towers or let people avoid paying for phone calls. This is part of their lobbying attempt to avoid jailbroken phones from being allowed:
Article link

AT&T Wireless customers will have free WiFi at Barnes & Noble stores:
Press release

Verizon FiOS and high-speed DSL users will have free WiFi through Boingo hotspots:

It is pretty interesting to note that Verizon users may get their free WiFi from AT&T hot spots:

Microsoft and Yahoo signed a search deal after years of discussion:

High school student arrested for using his cell phone to take upskirt photos and videos of girls and teachers as they walked up stairs and post them on web sites:,0,5554512.story

Oregon family no longer leaves their windows open when they sleep…ever since a *bear* climbed through an open window to get into their home one night. The daughter saw the bear in the den, and she told her Dad who shot and killed the bear, leaving a bloody mess:


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