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August 1, 2009

LOTD for August 1

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I found this feature article very interesting about this little-known but powerful religious group in DC:

New book details the trouble that Jenna and Barbara Bush gave the Secret Service, plus other tidbits like how Pres. Obama hasn’t really quit smoking:

The Russian government issued an order telling postal workers that police and security agents can open mail without getting court permission…which apparently violates their Constitution so after objections were raised the government posted a document on their website bringing back the court permission requirement:

Maryland’s trains and buses have surveillance cameras and microphones to record everything that occurs, but they currently haven’t activated the microphones. There is some objection to having all conversations recorded, so they cannot use the microphones yet:

Prison consulting firm has found a very lucrative business–charging $200 per hour to prepare white-collar criminals for life in prison:;contentBody

Petrol sniffer carrying a cigarette lighter and a container believed to contain fuel burst into flames when police used a Taser on him:,27574,25812982-421,00.html

New York lounge has been set up that only admits female models–it is called the Model Lounge and models receive free Pepsi Natural, SoBe Life Water, Popchips, ZONEPerfect and Cadbury chewing gum products, plus products from the sponsor Vans:

Teenager became the youngest ever to sail around the world alone…he was just 16 years old when he began his 13-month journey. Sadly for him, another teenager will break his record just 3 weeks after he completed his journey:,0,3460856.story

Mother left her 20-month-old son unattended for “a couple of seconds” and was horrified to find out that he fell out of an open window 20 feet above the ground! Thankfully the boy was unhurt. In those “couple of seconds”, the boy had climbed onto a coffee table, then climbed from that onto a sofa, then got to the open window:

Hearing-impaired man sued Ohio State for not putting closed captioning on their football scoreboard and stadium TVs:


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