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August 2, 2009

LOTD for August 2

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The experimental drug Benlysta is the first promising treatment for lupus and could be available to the public next year. The billions of dollars for that market have made Human Genome Sciences’ stock go from 45 cents in March to over $11 in July:

Study found that swearing actually may increase our pain tolerance and reduce the pain we feel from injury. However, the more someone swears in daily life the less effective it may be to reduce pain:,8599,1910691,00.html

Monkeys who take in less calories live longer–calorie-restricted monkey’s bodies actually age slower than monkeys that eat a normal amount of food:

Scary read about how homes that were used as meth labs remain toxic after being resold to unsuspecting buyers and can create all kinds of injuries for those families:

Study found that when cats want food they add a higher-frequency element to their purr that exploits human’s sensitivity to baby crying and makes it harder to ignore their requests:

Australian study found that taller people make more money–gaining 2 inches of height corresponded to $1000 more per year. US and UK studies found that it was closer to $1000 per inch of height:

FedEx and UPS are in a fierce battle over how the laws that apply to FedEx prevent unions from operating while the laws that apply to UPS result in UPS having unions. A conservative nonprofit offered to “rally the grass roots” if FedEx would give it $3.4 million…and when FedEx declined the nonprofit joined other conservative leaders to support UPS. Isn’t that kind of like extortion?,0,6321549.story?track=rss

Here is an article about the conservative groups criticizing FedEx for advertising that UPS was trying to get a bailout when UPS wasn’t trying to get a dime from the government and instead the dispute was over whether or not FedEx drivers could join the Teamsters union just like how UPS drivers are in the union:

A lot of states are closing rest areas due to the current budget problems, but it has generated controversy in some states:

Electric motorcycle maker Brammo is releasing a full-size motorcycle capable of highway speeds that will only be sold at *Best Buy*, with the Best Buy Geek Squad servicing the motorcycles:

I think that it is great that the most valuable autograph from any living human is not an entertainment or sports celebrity…instead, it belongs to astronaut Neil Armstrong:


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