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August 4, 2009

LOTD for August 4

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The Marine Crops banned Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, and all other social networking sites:

Analysis of how the US military is speeding up its preparation for an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities:

Iran confirmed that they detained three Americans who entered their country without permission. The three were apparently backpacking in the mountains between Iraq and Iran. Reports are that there are no clear border markers between Iran and Iraq where they were hiking:

The flying motorcycle will make its first flight next year and will cost about $80,000 for those who wish to own it:

Computer vision company is developing a way to enable UAVs to land on their own:

A new class of economically viable solar power cells is becoming closer to reality–organic photovoltaics:
Article link

Nanoparticles have shown in testing to be able to suppress ovarian tumor growth in mice, possibly providing a new treatment for ovarian cancer:

Researchers are making advances towards creating metallic hydrogen that may possibly even turn hydrogen into a superconductor:
Article link

Researchers have produced a material with a self-healing surface, so if the top layer is damaged then tiny nanometer-sized capsules release fluid and repair the scratch:

Palm filed a complaint against Apple, claiming that Apple blocking the Pre from synching with iTunes is a restraint of trade:

Google’s new advertising campaign is focused on Google Apps as a Microsoft Office replacement:

Google is looking to have its Android platform challenge the BlackBerry platform for enterprise users:

Very negative review of the Beta version (3.0) of Google’s Chrome browser–in this study Chrome uses 3x the memory than Firefox uses, and 50% more than either Chrome 2.0 or IE 8.0:

Tennessee legislator was forced to quit when his affair with an intern was revealed–the only reason why this article showed up in my local paper is that he is a strong proponent of abstinence outside of marriage:

College graduate is suing her college for $72,000 ($70,000 for her tuition plus $2000 for the stress of her 3-month job search) because she cannot find a job. Her complaint is that graduates with a 4.0 get helped more than graduates like her with a 2.7 GPA…but wouldn’t it be reasonable for companies to want to hire the 4.0 people before the 2.7 people?

Analysis about how the San Diego’s Mayor is supporting San Diego State’s request to expand their campus by building buildings on the Qualcomm Stadium site glosses over the point about how SDSU cannot build on the Qualcomm Stadium site until the Chargers leave the stadium.

Pending US home sales rose in June for the 5th straight month, among signs that the US housing market is improving:

The PS3 will get its first dynamically served video ads due to this deal with Double Fusion for the downloadable WipEout game:

Taxi driver in Vermont lets the riders decide what they want to pay:


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