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August 5, 2009

LOTD for August 5

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Fatal flaw in the latest version of Windows 7 may force Microsoft to miss its launch deadline. The massive memory caused by this bug can force the dreaded blue screen of death to occur:

Nice summary of the progress for swine flu vaccines. It is good to hear that two companies have started human trials with their swine flu vaccines:

NSF-sponsored research found that Engineering does *not* have a higher dropout rate than other majors and that women do just as well as men in Engineering, contradicting popular beliefs:

Businesses are scrambling to enable public safety to have in-building communications–buildings that are 3 stories or greater that have underground elements or parking or a tunnel between buildings have to provide communications coverage for public safety in those areas. This has created a HUGE increase in business for companies in this area. 150 cities have adopted this code, with casinos in Vegas among those scrambling to comply with these rules. Hospitals and hotels will also have to add this capability quickly:

The next big growth market in wireless is expected to be machine-to-machine communications, one reason why Verizon and AT&T recently completed deals for this market:

Analysis regarding how much of the Android movement is hype discusses how Android phone manufacturers are trying to distinguish their smartphones from their competition:

List of the top 10 open source applications for Windows. I’m going to try out pdfcreator now so that I don’t have to bother Lori anymore for pdf transfers:

China’s prostitutes are better trusted than their politicians or scientists:

Paula Abdul says that she is quitting American Idol (thanks for Eric for the article!):

For Lori–interesting list of what people on TV make. Remember that there are typically 22 episodes in a season if you wish to calculate salaries:


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