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August 6, 2009

LOTD for August 6

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The President of Microsoft’s Windows division tried to calm down fears of the critical Windows 7 bug:

The Global Hawk UAV reached the 25,000 combat hour milestone:

Russian subs are patrolling off the US East Coast:

Japanese scientists have developed a powered robotic suit intended for people during heavy labor, rescue support at disaster sites, and for the disabled or elderly:

The World Health Organization estimates that 2 billion people will get the swine flu by the end of this pandemic, 1/3 the people in the world:

Update on the plague that has hit a Chinese town:

The UK government is creating a ¬£1 billion fund to invest in technology-based small businesses with high growth potential…that is a government-funded $1.7 billion investment in tech startups!

Morgan Stanley paid back the $10 billion it received in bailout funds. Between the repurchase of the warrants and the dividends paid on the preferred shares, the government made $1.27 billion–but there are critics that say the government should have made a bigger profit on the warrants like it did with Goldman Sachs or American Express:

Senate committee approved legislation to allow jamming systems to disrupt cell phone calls from prisoners:

Iowa cell center is the first to be able to receive text messages directly into the 911 system:

Surprise emergency meeting has been called by the Canadian government–the televised meeting will have RIM, Nortel, and Ericsson testifying about what happened during the CDMA/LTE asset auction:

Speculation is that Nortel might want to emerge from bankruptcy as a LTE patent company:

Many of the Texas towns that Clearwire picked as their next wave of markets *already* have mobile WiMAX service from another provider:

T-Mobile launched their second Android-based phone:

Reno carjacker returned the car keys to his victim because he couldn’t drive her manual transmission:

Pelican in an Idaho zoo swallowed a cell phone:


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