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August 10, 2009

LOTD for August 10

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Jack-in-the-box is giving away free tacos again–tomorrow each person can get 2 free tacos if they print this coupon out:

The Chinese government has installed 2.75 million surveillance cameras since 2003 and they are going to be utilizing facial recognition software with those cameras:

British woman got a PhD by studying text messaging. I also found it interesting that her PhD advisor cannot cannot use text messaging:

The DoD announced 28 grants totaling $14.1 million for research and engineering capabilities at 20 Universities in 14 states. The list of eligible states for this award is interesting–I noted that Hawaii, California, Texas, New York, and Massachusetts were among the states not eligible for this competition:

Hilary Clinton was annoyed during her trip to Congo when a University student asked for her husband’s thoughts and she explained that she was the Secretary of State, not Bill. It appears that Bill Clinton getting the release of the two journalists imprisoned in North Korea outshone Hilary’s trip through Africa:

Analysis about RIM’s drive to buy Nortel’s LTE patents:

The specs for Motorola’s Android-based phones have leaked–one phone for T-Mobile and the other for Verizon (which includes WiFi, unusual for Verizon):

Rumor that Dell will be launching an Android-based smartphone in China early this week:

Orange France is selling a 3G phone that can be worn like a wristwatch:

Small coffee shops in New York are cracking down on people who buy just one cup of coffee and use their WiFi for hours:

Samsung introduced a handset made of corn:

Yahoo just opened its Yahoo Deals site that offers printable coupons and more for those interested in deals: just started a big TV commercial push:

The divorce rate for NFL players and other professional athletes is estimated to be between 60% and 80%:

I agree with this review of EA Sports Active that it provides a *much* better workout than Wii Fit. We had to replace the resistance band that came with the game with a set of 3 resistance bands (for about $10) that had much more resistance, but other than that the game provides a decent full-body workout:


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