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August 11, 2009

LOTD for August 11

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Pakistan’s nuclear facilities have been attacked three times by terrorists or extremists over the past two years. It is quite unfortunate that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are located in areas dominated by the Taliban and al-Qaida…

iRobot got a $13.5 million IDIQ contract from NAVSEA for their PackBot MTRS robot that provides the ability to detect and disable bombs from safe distances:

The Air Force is looking to buy 100 light fighters–similar to those used in the Vietnam War. 100 light fighter jets, dozens of manned surveillance planes, and 60 light airlifters all together cost about what 5 F-22s cost:

Nanobees utilize the toxin in bee venom to kill tumor cells. It is cool that the nanobees can fly in and land on the surface of targeted cell to deposit their cargo of melittin while protection healthy tissue from the toxin:

Affordable gene scans may be available at all doctor’s offices soon–it took 13 years and $300 million for hundreds of researchers to sequence a genome with the Human Genome Project 6 years ago, and it took a Stanford Professor 1 week and less than $50,000 for him to do the same thing with a single machine!

Pacific Biosciences is developing a next-generation genome sequencer that they hope to have on the market by next year–their target price is $100 to do a person’s genome in 15 minutes:

Researchers unveiled a firefighter tracking prototype that uses a variety of wireless technologies and is currently in the testing phase. This research project began after a tragedy where 6 firefighters were killed while they were just a few feet from an exit because they had no idea where they were and their commanders had no idea where they were so they couldn’t help them escape the fire:

Mexican criminals (drug cartels, etc.) are stealing oil from Mexican government pipelines and selling the oil to US refineries:

Nortel’s CEO and most of their Board of Directors has resigned:

Fox is showing a 2-hour special on the Octomom next week:

South Korean hypnotist thought that he had hypnotized a woman he met on a blind date, but when he tried to kiss her the wide-awake woman pushed him away. She filed a sexual harassment charge against him and he was fined about $2,453:


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