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August 16, 2009

LOTD for August 16

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Interesting study found that women are getting more beautiful with each generation while men haven’t improved their attractiveness since the caveman days! Beautiful women have 16% more children than their plainer counterparts and beautiful women have more female children than male children (study of 15,000 Americans found that attractive parents are 26% less likely to have sons!). So, the pattern results in women becoming more attractive over time. The study found that handsome men have the same number of kids as plain men:

The Chinese research breakthrough in growing healthy living mice from mouse skin cells brings scientists significantly closer to human cloning. All you need is a piece of skin from a person and you can create a child of theirs!,0,6810838.story

Neuroscientists found that if you close your eyes when scary music is playing, the experience will be more scary:

The toco toucan has the largest bill relative to body size of any bird and researchers have tried to figure out why it has such a long bill. A new study seems to indicate that the toucan’s bill acts like a radiator and regulates the toucan’s body temperature.

Astronomers were surprised to discover a tropical storm on Saturn’s moon Titan–Titan has a methane cycle like Earth has a water cycle:

This year is the first time US rental car companies bought more foreign cars than domestic cars. This is a major change, especially considering just last year 2/3 of the cars they bought were made in the US. Three years ago 80% of the cars rental companies bought were made in the US:,0,3062970.story

Divorce or being widowed is really bad for people’s health–20% more likely to have chronic health conditions than married people, 23% more limitations on their mobility, etc.:

This is an example of how Lori saves us money on groceries–buying $25 of Kraft products (for example, cheese, cream cheese, and cheese slices) can result in *making* $7 in profit! She even made money buying ice cream sandwiches today:


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