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August 18, 2009

LOTD for August 18

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Explosion at Russia’s largest hydro-electric power plant killed 11 workers (with 65 people missing), with the accident creating a large oil slick now floating down the Yenisei River from Siberia towards the Arctic:

The big increase in suicides and other mental health problems among soldiers returning from deployment has been disturbing–the US has had more soldiers killed via suicide than killed in active combat for the first 6.5 months of this year. The Pentagon is looking at ways to get earlier diagnosis for PSTD (two funded projects try to diagnose PSTD while the soldiers are still in combat) and even to discover some type of medicine to prevent PSTD. Not only is there a big human cost in PSTD, but psychological treatment for soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan could cost up to $6 billion dollars:

Scientists have found that holistic processing is one reason why children are better than adults at distinguishing between the faces of children. This is similar to how Caucasians can distinguish between Caucasian faces better than Asian faces:

Three hackers (one who was a Secret Service informant and the other two are unnamed Russian hackers) were indicted for stealing more than 130 million credit and debit card numbers:

Wireless operators around the world have spent millions to subsidize the iPhone to try to gain customers, but *no* wireless operator in the world that carries the iPhone has had market share, revenue, or earnings improve! According to this study, only Apple is making money off the iPhone and the wireless operators that have exclusive agreements for the iPhone are looking to other phones to try to gain customers and profitability:

This article discussed how Southeast Asia’s largest wireless phone company has had profits calls due to carrying the iPhone, saying that the iPhone reduced its operating profit margin 3-4% points. The top wireless phone company in Sweden has lost market share and has a lower revenue per subscriber than its competitors (who don’t have the iPhone):

Man threw money from his car on the 210 freeway in LA, causing a traffic jam when people ran onto the freeway to grab the cash. Police recovered about $1,000 and are asking for the people who gathered money to return it (good luck with that, people who ran onto a freeway aren’t the type who would give the money back!):

Woman is pregnant with *12* babies, 6 girls and 6 boys. The current world record holder is a woman in Australia who had 9 babies…and all 9 died:


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