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August 19, 2009

LOTD for August 19

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A Boeing spokesman went to last week’s symposium on UAVs and passed himself off as a blogger instead of a Boeing employee, even asking questions as an “independent blogger” during new conferences of Boeing’s competitors. This could have serious implications for the media covering the defense industry and could end Boeing’s plan to create a defense industry blog:

Mid-ranking Air Force officers apparently had realized for years that the Air Force didn’t need more F-22s and instead needed to buy more light fighters (which is the direction Defense Secretary Gates has taken recently), but apparently the Generals in the Air Force were just focused on getting more F-22s:

Painless patch is being developed that may replace hypodermic needles. This would be great for people like my kids who hate shots–the patch is supposed to be like applying a band-aid. This would be a great way to distribute flu shots to the public…you could get your flu shot sent to you in the mail instead of having to go somewhere:

Researchers are adapting the advances made in nuclear fusion research to create extremely thin plasma beams to make future computer chips. New nalolithography is needed to continue advances in computer technology and keep up with Moore’s Law:

Researchers have found a way to double the production of the biofuel butanol, which may eventually replace gasoline in automobiles. Butanol produces more energy than ethanol:

Egypt’s head of antiquities warns that the Pharoh’s tombs in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings will disappear if they remain open to tourists–the humidity and fungus are apparently eating into the walls of the tombs as they are open for visits from tourists:

Human-induced global warming is predicted by computer models to increase the size of the world’s deserts by up to 34%…that is an area the size of the US!

Another forged letter was found–again sent out by a lobbying firm working to try to defeat a climate change bill:

Microsoft filed an emergency motion late yesterday to ask that the injunction that prevents it from selling Word 2003 and Word 2007 in the US after October 10 be delayed, warning of “massive disruptions” if they are unable to sell Word:

The European Commission is investing significant money for LTE research to try to do with LTE what Europe did with GSM:

Commentary on the Federal court ruling that forced Google to turn over the IP and e-mail addresses of a blogger that posted critical comments about a model. This sets a precedent that blogs and other forums may not be safe havens for criticisms by anonymous bloggers:


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