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August 20, 2009

LOTD for August 20

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The airport perimeter security market is large and growing rapidly. This article has a nice summary of all of the varied technologies involved:

Article about how much needs to be done for airport perimeter security in the US:

Raytheon just won a $100+ million contract to provide airport perimeter security for four New York City-area airports. This is a great market for Raytheon to utilize its communications, sensor, and command-and-control technologies that were developed for the military for a growing commercial market, but they have competition from Lockheed and other defense contractors (including L3 and SAIC) who also wish to get into this market:

New approach takes advantage of silver’s antibacterial properties for healing wounds while preventing the damage that silver can cause cells needed for healing:

Scientists developed a high-yield deep water rice, which would enable better rice production for areas that are affected by flooding:

Hacker was about to accept a 20-year prison sentence when new federal charges emerged that scuttled his plea agreement:

Researcher says that we should change the current CDC policy of giving seasonal flu and swine flu vaccinations to people at highest risk for complications–she says that if we gave the vaccine to those most likely to spread the viruses, we would reduce the number of people infected and improve survival rates:

Study found that crops stressed by climate change emit more greenhouse gas (methane):

Article about how Windows Mobile has been the main loser from the gains the iPhone has made in the smartphone market:

Former Palm Inc. Chief Executive Officer Ed Colligan rejected a proposal from Apple Inc.’s Steve Jobs to refrain from hiring each other’s employees two years ago, calling it wrong and “likely illegal,” according to their communications.
Palm’s CEO rejected a proposal from Steve jobs that was for Apple and Palm to stop hiring each other’s employees, calling it wrong and “likely illegal”:

Fortune Magazine says that RIM (the BlackBerry makers) is the fastest growing company in the world!

Article about how the BlackBerry browser is planning to be able to support Flash and Silverlight by next summer:

Northern Michigan University gives laptops to all of its students and now it is providing them with free mobile WiMAX service. They said that they needed to go from WiFi to WiMAX because their school is in a rural area and commuter students and staff may live several miles away from campus…so, students and staff get free computers and internet service in their homes!

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency will install 360 new bus stops powered by solar panels that will power WiFi routers and digital information panels. plus will generate an estimated 43,000 kW-hours per year of unused energy that will be sent to the city’s grid. The best part is that Clear Channel will pay the $30,000 cost per bus step because they will get to sell ad space on the bus stops–so, the city gets a comprehensive WiFi solution, the bus stops generate power instead of take power, and the taxpayers don’t have to pay anything:

This columnist really went off about how Intel is claiming that the European Commission’s $1.45 billion fine for its allegedly monopolistic stifling of competition is a human rights violation:

Three drunk women chased after a man they thought whistled at them (it wasn’t him, it was one of his friends that whistled) and brutally beat him up:

VH1 yanked a reality show that has already completed filming…because one of the contestants is a suspect in the killing of a model whose body was stuffed inside a suitcase!

It turns out that the murdered woman is his ex-wife:

For Lori–here is a review of the Octomom special that was shown on Fox…I’m glad that we didn’t watch it, but I feel bad for those kids:


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