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August 24, 2009

LOTD for August 24 (Part 2)

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The military’s increasing reliance on UAVs ($3.5 billion in FY2010) have altered the landscape for the defense industry:

Qinetiq got an AUS$23million order by the Australian Department of Defence for its robots and replacement parts:

The Big Dog 4-legged robot can carry soldiers’ equipment (already demonstrated a 154kg load) across rugged terrain that vehicles cannot get to. It has already shown that it can hike 12.8 miles over 8 hours without stopping or refueling:

Nanoparticle “inks” could allow for solar cells to be printed like newspaper or painted onto the roofs or sides of buildings, leading to a a 90% reduction in the cost to make solar cells. These nanomaterials are 10,000 times thinner than a human hair and are semi-transparent, so even windows could become solar cells:

The cable industry is actually growing *faster* than the wireless industry! The main factor for this is that the wireless industry has a LOT of competition while the cable TV/broadband industry has much less competition:

Clearwire’s CEO says that they will have no problem raising the additional billions in capital that they need:

Column that delves into the details of the response AT&T and Apple gave the FCC about the rejection of Google Voice:

AT&T is requiring all of its customers who buy or upgrade to a smartphone to purchase a $30 data plan in addition to their voice plan:;jsessionid=GPYOSFJDMLOXLQE1GHPSKH4ATMY32JVN

Nokia in entering the competitive netbook market–after all the of the rumors about their using Linux, I’m disappointed that their netbooks are using Windows 7:


LOTD for August 24 (part 1)

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Small company in San Diego that developed an imaging system to find submerged whales from an orbiting Navy UAV (so that no whales are around when the Navy ships and subs do sonar training) may be able to utilize that system to find terrorists camps hiding in jungles…this would save the military from having to spend a lot of money on an expensive radar system that can look through tree cover:

Clearwire is apparently running out of cash and needs several billions of dollars more to fund its business plan. It is hard for them to raise more funding in this tight credit market, especially when their investors feel burned by their previous investments–for example, Intel’s $1 billion investment is now worth $62 million:

All Southwest Airline planes will offer WiFi by next year:

Google’s free WiFi network in Mountain View has doubled its traffic–it is now up to 600 Gbps per day of user traffic:

11-year-old boy ran into a burning house to save his family.,CST-NWS-rescue22.article

For the second time an Iowa man has been fired for sexual harassment after repeating a joke from the Seinfeld TV show. Actually, that is what the headline wants you to believe, but if you read the article you will find out that the man followed up the joke with repeated e-mails to a woman coworker and even tried to give her an unwanted massage on her shoulders:

Cleveland barber was so upset about the beef jerky he bought that he went to the store he got it from (2 doors down from his barbershop) and tried to rob it! The store owner recognized him and chased him outside with a baseball bat, and the police officer knew him because he cuts the officer’s hair:;cbsnewsLeadStoriesHeadlines

Junior High School teacher in Utah allegedly *paid* her student $1400 to $1500 each time they had sex:

This website has a pretty good deal for those interested in ESPN The Magazine and the ESPN insider online content–*free* subscription if you pay the $2.99 annual shipping cost:

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