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December 29, 2007

LOTD for December 29

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A year ago, Google had about 50% of web searches…and now they are at 60%:

Nintendo is just dominating the Japan market–with the top 9 selling games in Japan, with Wii sales 5x PS3 sales, and with Wii sales 35x Xbox 360 sales!

When it is in stock, Amazon sells 17 Nintendo Wiis per second!

Great job by the Letterman people to get a deal with the Writers’ Guild:


December 26, 2007

LOTD for December 26

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JTRS is no longer a program in trouble and got its entire $853 mil budget request from Congress:

I can’t believe that a tiger got out of its enclosure at the San Francisco Zoo and killed one man and mauled 2 others:

Congratulations to my Mom for winning this contest! Free trip to Vegas and $500 cash! I even got a mention in the paper for going to the Sugar Bowl…

December 21, 2007

LOTD for December 21

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Two stillbirths in North Carolina led to a food warning–pregnant women are being told to not eat too much cold cuts and soft cheeses because of a bacterium (Listeria):

China gained access to US spy operations via an outsourced Chinese-language translation service in Hawaii. This let China know who the US was planning to eavesdrop on and what the US learned, so they could plant misinformation:

Texas has an interesting disaster plan. In the case of an evacuation needed due to a hurricane or some other disaster, they will do criminal background checks before anyone is let on an evacuation bus:

Stanford’s nanowire battery holds 10 times the charge of existing ones (thank you for Eric for the link!)

Remember how the helicopter carrying Santa was shot at by drug traffickers in Brazil? This lego designer has an answer for that:

December 20, 2007

LOTD for December 20

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Sprint’s former CEO is now going to be the President of the University of Missouri system, the first Missouri system President in years without a background in higher education:

Cisco bought Navini to get into the WiMAX market…and they are focusing their WiMAX efforts on the developing world, not markets like the US:

Article on the 700 MHz spectrum bidders:

Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo! paid $31.5 mil to settle accusations on how they promoted illegal gambling:

Teen girls blog more than teen boys, teen boys post more videos than teen girls:

December 19, 2007

LOTD for December 19

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Drug traffickers in Brazil opened fire on a helicopter piloted by a man dressed as Santa who was going to a children’s party! The Santa survived…and took a car to deliver the presents to the party:

Spokesman for the Japanese government declares that UFOs exist and now there is a debate over what Japan should do if/when the UFOs are discovered:

iRobot got a $286 mil IDIQ contract from the Army:

The backstory on this contract is that the Army initially awarded the contract to Robotic FX…but it turns out that the Robotic FX guy stole iRobot’s trade secrets:

Interesting story about how a Blackwater person shot the New York Times’ dog in Iraq:

But the Blackwater guy claimed the next day that the New York Times’ dog attacked him and he was just defending himself…and he has the bite marks to prove it!

This is a classic example of wasteful military spending…it would be funny if it wasn’t $514 mil wasted!

There are a LOT of bidders for the upcoming 700 MHz auction:

Story on Honda’s interesting humanoid robot:

50,000 people in Taiwan are creating a Christmas tree by the light of their cell phones, flashlights, and colored sticks:

Wearing a pink bikini got this soldier a day in jail:

December 18, 2007

LOTD for December 18

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By the way, if anyone reading this has Dish Network service, you can call them up and ask for Cinemax for ONE CENT per year for 2 years! The fine print is that you cannot have had Cinemax for the last 6 months and you have to sign up for autopay and paperless billing. Since we already had autopay and paperless billing, a quick phone call got us Cinemax for 2 years (including the High-Def channel!) for two pennies.

2007 was the first year that US households spent more on cell phone service than on landline phone service:

More than 2 trillion text messages are expected to be sent next year!

UCSD graduate student designed “Gizmo”, a robotic device that can save lives by collecting and transmitting in real time the data that emergency personnel (firefighters, police, etc.) need:

The latest lawsuit against Vonage (this time from Nortel) may end up being more than Vonage can take:

Fortune magazine has an interesting feature on the 101 dumbest moments in business:

Instead of sharing a channel, both Noggin and N will get their own channels starting in 2008:

December 17, 2007

LOTD for December 17

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Congress passed a bill to ban gang members from being in the military…it is NOT forbidden now and apparently there have been problems by having active gang members in the military:

Deal by David Letterman could help rapidly end the writers’ strike that is shutting down Hollywood:

Instead of trying to settle the strike, Leno and Conan will cross the picket lines on January 2:

I can’t believe that the lady on Survivor lied about her employer firing her from her job! She got the Survivor head person to write her a check for $50k because she said that she was fired from her lunch lady job because she went on Survivor!

Chinese scientists made a breakthrough in quantum communications:

The Silver Lake and Elysian resevoirs had to be shut down and drained due to contamination:

The iPhone is expected to be the major target for hackers in 2008:

This analyst thinks that Sprint and Clearwire will get back together soon:

Qualcomm just bought Softmax…Softmax is actually located in the building where I interviewed at my previous company! That was the address for the company when I was hired…

In 2002, only 22% of people in the US googled themselves…that is up to 47% now:

Programmers are having problems keeping up with the faster processors coming out now:

Coke, Pepsi, and Budweiser are all going to aluminum bottles:

Looks like the Wii is one of the hardest things to find this Christmas…just like last year. Amazing that the sales last month were even more than the sales last December for the Wii! I guess they always sell out, so the key is that they make more now:

Forbes has an article about how Wii sales are amazing:

I cannot believe that this window washer fell 47 stories and LIVED:

December 14, 2007

LOTD for December 14

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HP is now using solar and wind power for its facilities in the US and Ireland. Its San Diego location will generate 1 Megawatts:

Google is launching “knol” as a direct competitor to Wikipedia:

Google’s wireless head is quitting to become an angel investor:

Cisco is going to close its $330 mil purchase of Navini (the company my PhD advisor started) in a few days and will use Navini’s products to go after WiMAX business:

Rupert Murdoch gave an interesting interview–says we are in a recession, took shots at Hilary and the Financial Times and much more:

All 3 game systems (Wii, XBox, PS3) did well in November:

This 22-year-old living at home with his parents signed up with a $10 unlimited data plan…he was shocked when his bill came out to $65,000! He asked them if his bill was correct…and they checked and RAISED his bill to $85,000!

December 13, 2007

LOTD for December 13

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An early warning system for earthquakes is being tested in California–such systems already exist in Japan and Europe. The computer predictions are so good that false alarms are rare:

Wow, Rudy Guiliani got $30 mil in one year for lobbying for one company (data mining company Seisint):,8599,1694093-1,00.html

I do not understand why the House is looking to require the Department of Defense to study global warming…aren’t other agencies more appropriate for that?

Sprint is changing the way that it charges fees…probably prompted by the class action lawsuit filed against it where it seemed to make people think that certain fees were taxes from the government (using the word “Federal” leaves that impressino), but all of it actually went to Sprint:

Sprint paid $57.5 mil to settle a class action lawsuit for how they combined their wireline and wireless stocks:

Palm is having trouble with their sales and will be laying off a significant portion of their workforce:

Marvell’s most recent addition to their board of directors was added 7 weeks ago…and that guy quit last week:

Earthlink is WAY over budget for its Philly WiFi network and won’t say when it will be finished:

Denver has the first airport to get 11n coverage:

Denver had its airport WiFi network change from a pay system to a free (advertiser-supported) system, and without even advertising the fact that it was free it found a 10x increase in the use of the airport WiFi system. Meru Network provides the APs:

The municipal WiFi network in Tempe has only 500 subscribers but someone wants to buy it:

Forbes has a long article about celebrities and their cell phones…and found that a surprisingly small number of celebrities use the iPhone:

Analyst report says that Apple is coming out with 2 new iPhones, with the 3G version coming out in the 2nd half of next year:

A student at Frostburg State was playing the online game Call of Duty 4 and made a comment about shooting up the school…and now could face 2 years in prison for what he said during the game:

December 12, 2007

LOTD for December 12

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Interesting that 200 buoys in the Pacific Ocean can provide 50 megawatts of electricity via wave power!

Sprint is going to be soft-launching its WiMAX service in Chicago and the DC area. Only Sprint employees can use it and only in big cities:

It is intersting that 13.6% of Americans are cell phone-only, with no wired telephone service. It is also interesting that binge drinkers are twice as likely to be wireless only and smokers are more likely to be wireless only:

Penthouse just spent $500 mil to buy a group of social networking websites:

In 2004, 70% of all e-mail was spam…in 2007, we are now up to 95% of all e-mail being spam:

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