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February 29, 2008

LOTD for February 29

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The Chairman of the National Intelligence Council described the WMD report for Iraq with an analogy about “having your year-book photo taken on the worst bad hair day ever”

The Drudge Report violated a news blackout and revealed that Prince Harry had been serving in Afghanistan for the past 3 months. The UK Army got him out of the country once the information was revealed due to concerns that he would be targeted by the Taliban:

Ricin was in a Las Vegas hotel room and a man who stayed there is in critical condition:

Pretty cool that these robots are being designed to rescue survivors in disaster areas:

Interesting discussion about whether or not robots can commit war crimes:

The Air Force is planning to spend $81 mil to increase its popularity in the US:

Here is one of the Air Force’s ads:

Robots sentrys made by General Dynamics have been tested at a Nevada base since 2005 and now the Army has ordered 24 robot sentrys in a deal worth up to $40 mil:

According to this study, Phishing attacks in the US last year caused $3.2 BILLION in losses:

Verizon’s $60 “unlimited” plan will change on Sunday to a 5 GB limit:

Looks like a 3G iPhone is coming around June, with a chip made by Infineon:

Amazing that Google’s ad revenue is up 40.1% at this time. Google’s stock price took a hit when a report predicted that their paid clicks were the same as last year…but it appears that the actual figures show that paid clicks are up 45.7%!

Google launched Google Health, which will keep patient’s health records available to the patients. X-Rays, CAT scans, and other health data will be able to be accessed online by patients. I really hope that they make everything as secure!

Google’s Google Sites will make it easy for people to put things on their personal webpages, with lots of free tools for web site creation:

NSF, Google, and IBM created a strategic relationship for Internet-scale computing:

Microsoft cut the price for Vista to get people to upgrade to it:

Disturbing photos from Abu Ghraib, which comes from a talk on how good people can turn evil:


February 28, 2008

LOTD for February 28

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It is disturbing that an asteroid (Apophis) is expected to hit Earth in 2036, having an impact similar to that which caused the dinosaurs to become extinct. The direction the asteroid takes as it nears Earth in 2029 will determine if it hits our planet in 2036. We cannot nuke the asteroid, but Israeli students are working on a model spacecraft to solve the problem:

Interesting how this study found that protein in human skin was altered by radiation after just 1 hour of cell phone use:

Boeing is having so many problems with the “virtual fence” border project that the first phase completion just got delayed by at least *3* years:

Obama is launching a ground-breaking political website, first to incorporate video to this extent:

T-Mobile wants to make its own 3G network in Canada:

The European Union just fined Microsoft $1.35 bil for anti-trust violations, total EU fines for Microsoft now total $2.3 bil:

The ITC ruled in favor of Nokia over Qualcomm in their patent dispute:

Google is launching Google Sites to complete with Microsoft collaboration software SharePoint. SharePoint brings in $1 bil per year for Microsoft and Google is making Google Sites available for free:

Disney is creating the Guitar Hero-like game called Ultimate Band for the Wii and DS:

February 27, 2008

LOTD for February 27

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Hawaii has been selected as 1 of the 2 new Department of Homeland Security research locations…that is a great place to have a customer!

Report states that the U.S. is losing ground on the Global War on Terror, with the U.S. presence in Iraq fueling the worldwide Jihadi movement:

The Marines have stopped the study that is critical of the bureaucracy that delayed MRAPs being sent to Iraq. The guy writing the report has filed for whistle blower status:

It is interesting to hear what each of the top Presidential candidates have said about H-1 Visas:

Study found that solar energy costs outweigh their benefits right now and new technology is needed:

Solar panels may become the largest semiconductor market ever:

China is building the world’s first 3rd-generation nuclear power plant:

UK study found that colorless and odorless liquids brought on a plane can be used to create a bomb:

The Air Force is blocking access to blogs:

Space is apparently filled with nanometer diamonds:

Qwest dumped Sprint yesterday and today admitted that they have been in talks with Verizon:

YouTube outage globally is blamed on Pakistan’s efforts to take down a specific YouTube clip:

iTunes is now the second biggest music retailer in the U.S.:

It looks like the iPhone hasn’t hurt Blackberry sales much and Apple may not reach their iPhone target sales figure:

It is sad that Maxim magazine published a review of the Black Crowes album without actually hearing the full album. They initially defended their review by saying it was an “educated guess”, but the backlash has forced an apology now:

It is interesting how certain movie studios signed exclusive deals (totalling $150 mil) to release their HD movies only on HD-DVD, so now that HD-DVD is going away they are unsure if they can release Blu-ray movies:

Playboy has a national model search contest for “Miss Playboy Mobile 2008:

February 26, 2008

LOTD for February 26

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Distinguished panel of Engineers says that solar power will scale up to produce ALL of the world’s energy needs in 20 years! There is 10,000x more sunlight than needed to provide for all of the world’s energy needs:

The AIr Force Times reports that U.S. nuclear safety has been declining for years. In 2003 only 50% of Air Force units passed the nuclear safety inspection!

UK officials are concerned about airport security after Greenpeace activists were able to easily get onto the airport tarmac and climb on an airplane…all without ANY security folks noticing them!

Interview with the commander of the cruiser that shot the missile that hit the failing spy satellite:

Michigan congressman played “God’s James Bond”, with the outspoken evangelist taking strong anti-gay, anti-abortion fundamentalist positions. He’s under indictment for raising cash for an Al-Qaeda connected group:

Moth eyes inspire a new way to coat solar cells to make them more efficient:

Google is partnering with 5 telecoms to build an undersea cable to Internet traffic between the US and Japan:

Update on the ongoing Qualcomm/Nokia feud:

Qwest is dumping their Sprint deal and looking for a stronger partnership for their cellular business:

Apple’s iPhone deal in Australia could be illegal there:

Verizon’s SDK will be released on schedule apparently (Apple’s is delayed for 3 weeks or so):

Mobile music revenue is projected to hit $17.5 BILLION by 2012:

EA is trying to buy Take Two (Grand Theft Auto) for $2 bil:

Local Indian casino is building an All-comp hotel. Nobody will be able to pay for a room at the casino!:

February 25, 2008

LOTD for February 25

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This special coating that improves solar cell performance will be amazing if they can get it to work properly. In theory, the energy from sunlight falling on only 9% of the Mohave Desert could provide the electricity needed for all of the US!

Interesting how the Defense Department prepared their PR campaign for shooting down the spy satellite:

Analysis of the B-2 crash on Guam. The U.S. went from 21 B-2s to 20 B-2s after the crash:

Really sad but thought-provoking story on Afghanistan operations and collateral damage. I would hate to be in the position of having to decide when to accept the killing of innocents and the responsibility of trying to figure out who is a civilian and who is an insurgent:

Article about how technology caused a lot of our operating problems in Iraq. It is interesting how insurgents threaten or blow up the cell phone towers of communities who provide tips for the U.S.:

The Taliban is demanding that cell phone service is turned off at night or they will blow up the towers in Afghanistan:

Debate over whether or not lasers or missiles would be better to defend against rockets. While I was at JPL were shot lasers at satellites in LEO orbit that were rapidly going from horizon to horizon, hitting every time…but that was for communication, not to destroy the target. And the laser we used was huge!

Unfortunately, there appears to be a lot of security gaps in the design for the new World Trade Center. I hope they fix this before they start construction on Ground Zero:

New tool released to enable hackers to use Google to hack websites easier:

Information about Intel’s 6-core Xeon and Nahalem CPU have been leaked:

Covad and Cisco have given hope to the Silicon Valley WiFi effort:

The White Spaces Coalition denies that their device failed in FCC testing:;_ylt=AsA.xOSDSbFAlO0Bu3re.xAjtBAF

The first biofuel-powered flight took place yesterday:

Intel has apparently reneged on its pledge of investment in Taiwan’s WiMAX development, but the Taiwan Economic Affairs Minister says they don’t need Intel:

Japan successfully launched a high speed satellite to cover Asia in the case of any internet outage in Asia. Max bandwidth to homes is targeted for 155 Mbps and 1.2 Gbps max for businesses:;_ylt=AswaAkOME6Dn6OXUkGwV5eAjtBAF

Motorola very cleverly is trying to take advantage of the new law in Thailand that requires drivers to have a hands-free device…Motorola is happy to introduce two new bluetooth headsets in Thailand. California has a similar law to Thailand, but I do not think that they confiscate cell phones!:

An Australian team created GiFi, a single chip with 5 Gigabits per second data throughput at 10m range, operating in the 60 GHz band:

Interesting how Microsoft has a website set up to battle against negative views of Vista…they offer prizes if you get everything correct in their quiz, but their quiz questions make you parrot the Microsoft marketing and any negative perception of Microsoft is considered wrong in the quiz:

The NY Times launched ShifD, which lets readers who go to their website move content from their computer to their cell phone/smartphone/PDA:

Crest added tartar protection to their white strips to give people an excuse for using them to whiten their teeth:

February 22, 2008

LOTD for February 22

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FEMA is in charge of recovering the debris from the shot-down satellite:

3 square miles of desert outside of Phoenix will be turned into the world’s largest solar power plant (280 MW). It is interesting to me how they are using the HEAT instead of sunlight to generate energy…I can attest that the Phoenix area can get hot!

Australian researchers came up with a way to get cleaner water via nanotechnology:

Google and the nonprofit Cleveland Clinic partner to try to give patients more access and control over their medical records:

Sprint will make its WiMAX an open platform with an SDK and open APIs:

China is going to combine its current 6 telecom companies into 3 large telecom companies:

Drunk driver parked at a police station and walked into the lobby!

I can’t believe that a worker at the Honolulu Zoo left both doors open in the Tiger enclosure and then went somewhere else…they Tiger just walked out and was free for 10 minutes!

Debate over whether or not cell phones/smartphones should come with a warning label (like those on cigarettes) because they can be addictive:

February 21, 2008

LOTD for February 21

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Article about the successful shot at the failing spy satellite:

Analytic Graphics software (I think I learned how to use the program they used!) was used to simulate the shooting of the failing satellite:

Here is a video of the satellite being hit:

The FAA is warning all planes to stay away from Midway Island, as that is where the debris is predicted to fall over the next 2 days. However, nobody has warned the people who actually live on Midway Island:

The kickbacks and bribes that have gone on in Iraq is just amazing and shameful…especially when they actually didn’t care if they put U.S. soldiers at risk:,0,195925,full.story

Scientists are working on a project called “Green Freedom” that converts carbon dioxide in the air into fuel (gas, jet fuel, etc.). If this works, this could mean that cars will not contribute to global warming in the future:

Rising oil prices is resulting in more and more cellular base stations going green–often using BOTH solar and wind energy to power a base station:

$1.6 bil is the estimated cost to bring the US’s “failing infrastructure” to “good condition”. It is interesting that the study found that each $1 bil invested in infrastructure creates between 40,000 and 50,000 jobs and generates $2 bil in U.S. economic activity:,284025.shtml

Looks like national security and political concerns are causing a big problem for the Bain/3Com/Huawei deal:

Sprint is expected to respond to Verizon’s flat-rate unlimited plan by undercutting Verizon’s prices by up to 40% ($60 for unlimited voice/data!)…this would definitely lead to the price war speculated in yesterday’s news:

Ericsson expects mass LTE deployment to take place in 2012:

The writer’s strike cost LA an estimated $2.5 bil:

Nintendo and Microsoft both now have game services for independent game developers:

February 20, 2008

LOTD for February 20

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Google, Soros (billionaire investor), and Omidyar (investment fund from the founders of eBay) set up a venture capital fund for small and medium size businesses in India:

Microsoft had to pull the Vista Service Pack 1 update due to problems it was causing:

Looks like the failing spy satellite is part of a bad defense program–Boeing burned through $10 bil (including $5 bil or so of cost overruns) before the government took the contract away from them and gave it to Lockheed…but Lockheed has also had problems:

Cell phone service on the MOON is being planned by the US and UK, full 4-bar coverage is planned for 2020:

Startup uses balloons 20 miles up as mini-cell towers to provide coverage in rural areas, Google may be interested in buying them:

AT&T and T-Mobile kind of matched Verizon’s flat-rate unlimited plan:

There is a worry by investors that the Verizon plan will result in a price war between cellular carriers that will hurt profits of each company:

Uranium smugglers were caught on the India-Nepal border:

The technology reviewer really likes his Roomba!

February 19, 2008

LOTD for February 19

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Big shortage of engineers is expected due to increased demand, retiring of the baby boomers, plus the 3% decrease in Engineering students getting bachelor’s degrees (while there has been a 50% increase in overall bachelor degrees)

Fingerprint scanner installed at a UK nursery…increasing safety of the kids with little privacy objections so far:

15-year-old girl apparently caught the bird flu from her mother, person-to-person transmission of the bird flu would make things much more dangerous now:

Apparently US Customs officials can copy any files from a hard drive going through customs and even seize laptops or cell phones:

Terrorism analysts say that Europe has a much bigger terrorism threat than the US, with the people in Europe planning terrorist attacks in Europe citizens of the country they are plotting against:

The US is planning to distribute comic books (contract goes to a private contracting company) to get the Iraqi public to like the Iraqi forces better:

These guys did the math and concluded that the risk of the dying satellite is minimal even if it is not shot down:

The attempt to shoot down the satellite will occur tomorrow night, with the debris cloud going over Canada, Africa, and Australia:

More U.S. Government employees could telecommute, which would save money, time, and help the environment:

$500k prize offered for technology to speed up the airport lines:

Physicist came up with a better way to board a plane–he suggests 10 people at a time in every other row:

Intel Capital to invest $2 bil to revive the Sprint/Clearwire deal?

WiFi-WiMAX roaming agreements are starting to take off in Europe, with WiMAX at 3.5 GHz and WiFi at 2.4:;jsessionid=OTG3SKXI0IQGAQSNDLPSKH0CJUNN2JVN?articleID=206501777&articleID=206501777

Chinese company is leading an effort to try to cover the entire Beijing area with WiFi, hopefully before the Olympics:

The 700 MHz spectrum auction seems to basically be over…so everyone will find out who got what pieces of the spectrum and they will try to figure out why one block’s auction failed:

“Unlimited” mobile data plan in Canada actually has a lot of caps on usage:

Verizon is now offering a flat-rate, all-you-can-talk (and text message and surf) plan, the first from a 1st-tier US provider:

400,000 unlocked iPhones may currently be in use in China!

Lots of free software from Microsoft for college students or graduates:

Toshiba apparently will not make the HD-DVD players anymore:

Microsoft doesn’t expect the HD-DVD news to hurt XBox 360 sales:

Microsoft won’t talk about the expected drop in price of their HD-DVD drives for the XBox 360 and their expected future support of Blu-ray:

This person feels that Microsoft is coming out ahead because they can easily add Blu-ray support to the XBox 360 while Sony lost a lot of money by putting it in every PS3:

This article points out that Sony putting the Blu-ray in every PS3 was critical in Blu-ray beating out HD-DVD:

MTV owns Nickelodeon and just went for an even younger demographic…they just bought a network of web sites for expectant mothers:

McDonald’s, Sam Adams, and White Cloud have really improved their brand perception:

Pepsi and Coke are very concerned about the slowing of bottled water sales, so they are responding via celebrity endorsements and charitable causes:

February 17, 2008

LOTD for February 17

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Nice summary of the latest information on the mission to shoot down the failing spy satellite:

The American Apparel CEO really seems out of control to me…the sexual harassment was bound to happen:,0,6365222,full.story

Interesting study found that people think that wine tastes better when they are told it is more expensive. It seems our tongues mistake price for quality:

Interesting (and sad) study about some people who never admit mistakes at work…even planning in advance who they will blame when the project fails:

This study seems to have found a link between air pollution and sperm mutations that lead to birth defects:

UCLA researchers found a link between air pollution in LA and birth defects. Apparently, exposure to air pollution in the second month of pregnancy (when baby’s organs begin developing) significantly increases the chance of birth defects:

This study found a similar link in a 3-year study in Texas:

This paper summarizes the research done on air pollution and birth defects:

This study links pollution in the 20 biggest cities in the US to shortened life times:

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