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January 31, 2008

LOTD for January 31

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Microsoft offers $44.6 bil to buy Yahoo!

New CCAT Solicitation has been issued that is focused on helping small businesses and is located in San Diego! That sounds like something I’ll be really looking into…once in the prototype stage.

A study states that Afghanistan could fail as a state due to a lack of troops and a fierce insurgency:

A surprising geological formation and ancient volcanoes were a few of the surprises discovered when we had the Messenger spacecraft fly by Mercury:

Quantum teleportation and memory have been demonstrated!

2007 was a record year for wind energy, over 94 GW of wind energy and an equipment market of $36 bil:

Texas A&M professor came up with a way to turn “E. coli” into a source of energy!

Doctors accidentally found that the DBS technique (electrical stimulation to the brain) can result in memory recovery…a potentially huge breakthrough for things like Alzheimer’s:

This bank almost got robbed a new way…the thieves put something under a desk that allowed them to take control of a computer. An employee noticed and pulled the plug just in time!

Sprint and Clearwire are planning to share a “common network architecture”. Clearwire is cutting WAY back on its WiMAX investment–instead of covering 30.5 million people, Clearwire is planning to cover 6 million people:

Sprint and Clearwire are working on a roaming agreement:

Sprint’s financial troubles and drop in market value is causing them to reduce the value of their company by billions…they make be eliminating the entire $31 bil that they have in “goodwill” on their balance sheet!

Garmin is releasing a cell phone that has all of their GPS navigation features plus internet access and the standard cell phone features:

The University of Pittsburgh just released the results of a study showing that they made a breakthrough for an Asian flu vaccine!

NXP’s vector processor demonstrated the world’s first LTE/HSPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM multi-mode baseband platform:

The top 3 Google execs pledged to work together for 20 years right before Google’s IPO. I’m so happy for Sergey and Larry…I knew them when they were just regular Stanford students:

Ford is selling Jaguar and Land Rover to India’s Tata motors…that is something nobody would have predicted 5 years ago! Ford paid $5.2 bil and is selling the combined companies for $1.5 bil to $2 bil:

19th Century Shipwreck washed ashore on Cape Cod (thanks Ben for the link)!

The Chicago Tribune had to shut down its comment feature on many message boards due to anonymous nasty comments:,0,6839075.column

Tiffany is releasing a $94,000 cell phone!

Looks like porn is coming to cell phones in the US…it is already a big industry in Europe:


January 30, 2008

LOTD for January 30

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PacifiCare just got a huge fine from the State of California due to improperly denying claims and delaying their payment to doctors beyond the allowable time. It is pretty interesting to me that I was covered by PacifiCare for almost the entire period that they were found to have improperly denying claims…and I know several former coworkers who had claims improperly denied!

It is sad that FEMA allegedly ignored, hid, and manipulated the government research that showed that the trailers they used for Katrina and Rita victims were unsafe. And despite the cancer link, more than 40,000 trailers are still being used today! FEMA allegedly started with the conclusion that the trailers were safe and shopped around to different research agencies until they found one that would agree with them:

The Army’s most expensive weapons program ($200 bil), Future Combat Systems, has had software problems. They had estimated that it would take 33.7 million lines of code but they are already over 63.8 million lines of code! They are also having problems with their operating system–they are trying to use Linux to do everything that Windows does, but do it better…but defense folks have had lots of problems in the past making their own operating systems. Boeing’s software (and hardware that goes with it) $250,000 per combat vehicle…that makes Microsoft pricing look cheap!

Article and video about why we shouldn’t worry about the spy satellite that is falling to Earth:

Funding gap threatens the success of green technology:

Intel is #1 on the EPA’s Green Power Partner list–they will purchase 1.3 billion kilowatt hours of renewable energy certificates to stimulate the global market for green power and eventually bring down the prices for green power:

Verizon is fighting against a company who plans to publish a directory of cell phone numbers across the country…Intelius is planning to sell private citizen’s cell phone numbers!

Google’s market share of the search market went from 71% at the beginning of 2007 to 77% at the end of 2007. Even more impressive is that the 29% increase in search market money had 97% of that new money go to Google! Total domination…

Yahoo is a serious trouble…search market share down from 21% to 17%, profits down 23%, 1000 people about to be laid off, and AT&T may be about to dump them:

Online newspaper readership has significantly increased in the US, with 39% of active web users visiting newspaper websites:

Two groups of newspapers across the country (one group for very large papers, one for small circulation papers) are protesting against the new AP fee structure:

Verizon FiOS TV (fiber optic service) has passed 1 million customers already…they are getting close to offering service in San Diego (they are in Orange County and Riverside already) and I can’t wait to switch from my cable modem to FiOS and I’ll seriously consider switching to their TV service too!

Continental Airlines is adding WiFi and satellite TV (via a division of Jet Blue) to some of their planes starting in January 2009:

January 29, 2008

LOTD for January 29

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Article about how defense contractor stocks have been stable in this difficult stock market situation because their business has remained stable:

Article and video on shape shifting robot forms made up of swarms of magnetic robots:

Very interesting (and I think convincing) rant against the plan to buy a lot more F-22s:

More than 1/3 of the iPhones Apple has reported as “sold” in the U.S. have not been activated for AT&T. This report states that about 470,000 of those iPhones are inventory in stores that haven’t been sold and about 1 million have been unlocked and are being used on non-AT&T networks!

Report about how Motorola might stop selling cell phones!

Pretty cool that instead of getting a shot or inhaler for the flu prevention, kids may be able to just get a few drops of liquid put in their mouth:

Indonesia has now had at least 100 people die from bird flu:

January 28, 2008

LOTD for January 28

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Study found that China (and the European Union) has passed the U.S. in technological standing due to the U.S. shortage of engineers and scientists (and restrictions on H-1 Visas). China has emphasized the training of training scientists and engineers and is now passing the U.S. in research and in getting products to market:

The US Patent office issued a patent that seems to describe any smartphone…one minute after midnight on the day the patent was issued, that company then sued pretty much every company–Apple, Nokia, RIM, Sprint, AT&T, HP, Motorola, Helio, HTC, Sony Ericsson, UTStarcomm, Samsung, etc. It looks to me that the patent office messed up again at this will be a huge court battle now…it will be interesting if the company can force everyone to stop selling smartphones before its patents are invalidated, which will force them to pay major money for licensing. Either way, this will cost every cellular company money and that will be passed to consumers in one way or another:

New chip might replace much of the animal testing that goes on now:

The US school bus system is vulnerable to terrorist attacks…in other countries city buses are targets for terrorists:

U.S. and European security experts agree that U.S. airplanes are a major target for European terrorists:

Interesting commentary about how the Air Force has basically declared war on the Army, Navy, and Marines in terms of the battle for money from Congress:

The Army is seeking the Fountain of Youth via mitochondria:

Nice concise article on the U.S. spy satellite falling to Earth. I have stories about U.S. and Russian spacecraft from my days at JPL (we had very interesting discussions with Russian experts who visited us):

Nokia is offering $153 mil to buy open-source software company Trolltech:

Update on the 700 MHz spectrum auction:

Siemens says that it has been able to get its 3×3 MIMO 802.11n AP to be able to run off power over Ethernet:

Study showed that eBay buyers saved $7 bil in 2003 and estimates eBay buyers said $19 bil in 2007:

$100k can buy a jetpack with up to a 75 second flight time:

The Wall Street Journal went back to the predictions from 1998 for how technology would be in 2008–very interesting to see what was predicted correctly and what came out of nowhere:

Employee thinks she is going to get fired, so she deletes 7 years of designs at her company, files worth $2.5 mil. The employee was caught…and was arrested and now faces 5 years in prison. Funny (and sad) thing is that the employee was not going to be fired!

January 27, 2008

LOTD for January 27

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Amazing that women who took the birth control pill are still protected against ovarian cancer 30 years after they stop taking it!

Interesting article about how Moms form groups…the old pickup lines have different meaning now:

Amazing how pregnancy is being outsourced to India…and one surrogate pregnancy earns the women in India more than 15 years salary!

Extensive study disproves the belief that childhood vaccines cause autism:

It turns out that grass appears to be a better source for ethanol than corn…requiring far less energy to raise and saving the corn for food to the developing world:

Online bettors took the odds on Hilary Clinton to win the New Hampshire primary…a $100 bet returned $10,000!

Australian man sees two young women and waves at them out of the car window…then his arm got partially severed by a passing vehicle:,25197,23048591-5006789,00.html

It is so sad that over 500,000 people in Italy are suffering from celiac disease and cannot eat pasta, pizza, bread, and most types of salami…it must be torture to live in Italy and skip those foods!

One out of every 111 people that pass through U.S. airport security have a weapon or potential weapon confiscated! That includes about 1,000 guns and about 1 million knives!,1249,600152118,00.html

Study shows that magnets might actually have medical benefits and cure pain:

Stress levels at way up for American adults, with nearly 48% with sleep problems (blaming stress for losing 21 hours of sleep in a month) and nearly a third of American adults suffering from “extreme stress”:

A father claims that his 14-year-old son made THREE holes-in-one in a single round of golf…despite how his son rarely shoots a round under 100:

Pretty interesting how an official investigation by the Italian government concluded that “aliens testing secret weapons” are behind the events in a Sicilian village:

Amazing how the Bush Administration has been censoring government reports that discuss global warming:

Sleep deprivation has been linked to psychiatric disorders:

January 25, 2008

LOTD for January 25

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A rougue trader at a French bank might have led to the global stock market plunge, which eventually resulted in the 3/4 point cut by the Fed…it turns out that the Fed might not have made that huge interest rate cut if they had known the true reason for the stock market panic (thank you Ben for the article!):

The Pentagon has a new procurement officer that is completely changing the way that contracts are bid…and I like it! Instead of awarding contracts just based on paper proposals that may have no relation to reality, the new guy is requiring prototypes to be build before hundreds of millions (or billions) of dollars are awarded, with say two companies competing with their prototypes and proposals for how they will continue their development:

Article about DARPA turning 50 years old next month and whether or not it is as important as it was before:

Article about the new (smaller versions of DARPA) ARPAs recently created:

GE signed a deal with Invenergy for more than $1 billion for wind turbines for wind energy:;jsessionid=7143A942FD6C898FF00BEF34288F3E9C?id=51216

Our military experts say that global warming threatens US national security:

VoIP providers will be paying for years due to Vonage’s loss in the courts…Sprint and Verizon are using their victories over Vonage to sue other VoIP companies:

Apple stated that it has “sold” 4 million iPhones…though it counts iPhones in stores as “sold”. Estimates are between 1 million and 1.4 million “sold” iPhones are actually just inventory stacked up at stores:

Wall Street has already noticed the discrepancy on “sold” phones and Apple’s stock has paid for it:

More than 1.1 billion cell phones were sold last year:,1,22&Type=top&File=080124184000.ke69wkt6.xml

The Monte Carlo resort was on fire today!

January 24, 2008

LOTD for January 24

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Estonia claimed that Russian government hackers had attacked the servers of their government…but the attacks turned out to have been done from a 20-year-old guy in Estonia!

Bomb-making factory was found in a Columbia Professor’s apartment!

San Jose and Santa Clara police went after a copper-theft organization and discovered a bomb maker who lived in Fremont and had made cell-phone detonated bombs, one made to be put inside of a toy!

An alternative to solar energy…raindrop energy! French researchers have found out how to convert the energy from falling raindrops into electricity!

UN says that biofuels (ethanol, etc.) actually end up *hurting* the environment more than they help and are also worsening the water and food shortages in the world:

University of Maryland researchers have made the world’s first invisibility cloak…Harry Potter magic come to life:

Article (and a really cool photo) about the new commercial spacecraft that is being built for passengers:

UCLA researchers found that cancer cells are “softer” than healthy cells, research is going on to take advantage of that to defeat cancer:

American Airlines is testing its WiFi service on 767 airlines:

Hard to believe that a respected newspaper like the Chicago Sun-Times would layoff its staff via telephone calls!,0,4831267.story

January 23, 2008

LOTD for January 23

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High tech mapping is going to add at least 386,000 square miles to the U.S., with the oil, gas, and other resources estimated to be worth about $1.3 trillion!

Purdue researchers are developing cell phone sensors to detect radiation to prevent nuclear terrorism:

Verizon is hosting an Open Developers Conference:

The iPhone helped Apple reach record profits:

LTE has been approved by the 3GPP. 326 Mbps downloads by 2010!

Article about how most Americans are in cell phone jail, stuck with a contract with a cellular provider:

Lockheed and Project Lead The Way partner to help encourage the development of the next generation of Engineers:

Nintendo projects that its revenues and profit will double…and an analyst states that they are being conservative and are already on pace to beat their benchmarks:

Interesting article about famous scientist Tsien Hsue-shen. I can’t believe that a recent congressional report (led by the guy now the chair of the SEC) got so many facts wrong…including claiming that China got technology from Tsien because he worked on the Titan Missile program…even though he was deported to China before the work was done on that program!

2000 moviegoers were asked what their favorite weapon in a movie was, and the list is fairly predictable:

Will thick bulletproof glass protect against an RPG? The video shows the test:

January 22, 2008

LOTD for January 22

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Yahoo will be laying off hundreds of people soon:

NextPhase Wireless will be launching nation-wide WiMAX networks, directly competing with Sprint and Clearwire:

NTT DoCoMo gave up on its WiMAX partnership:

An FDD version of WiMAX is being planned:

European plans to cut down greenhouse gas emissions will cost $87 bil:

China is planting a huge “fuel forest”, with a cool tree with seeds that has 40% oil content:

European media’s view on all of the White House e-mails that are missing now:

Looks like the MRAPs (extra armored vehicles) do not give enough protection to prevent deaths from IEDs:

January 21, 2008

LOTD for January 21

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The Nintendo Wii has been found to be an effective way to train surgeons!

Learning how to operate on a gallbladder by using a Wii is one example of this:

A significantly cheaper and more efficient hybrid car battery is being developed:

Soldiers have been warned not to forward bogus chain e-mails about Obama:

A new book states that UN’s top nuclear watchdog is actually a Russian spy!

The NY Times analyzes how every Presidential candidate is being unrealistic about Iraq:

Hackers have been able to hack into the computer systems of utility companies around the world and make demands:

Interesting photo galleries of homemade bombs and spy tech gear:

Analysis about how this year is critical for WiMAX:

Yahoo! has joined the one-password movement:

US researchers feel that more research is needed on long-term health effects of cell phone radiation on pregnant women and kids.

Time Warner is going to consumption-based billing for internet service to address the users who use too much internet bandwidth. Comcast was caught cutting down the access for heavy internet users despite advertising “unlimited” internet use:

China is trying to crack down on internet gaming:

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