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August 26, 2009

LOTD for August 26

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Researchers found that when high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS, commonly used in soft drinks and dozens of human foods) is exposed to warm temperatures it can form a deadly toxic substance. HFCS is also fed to honey bees to increase reproduction and honey production, but the study found that in warm temperatures the HFCS could kill honeybees…this might be a factor in the mysterious disease that has killed at least 1/3 of the honeybee population in the US:

Schools in India use sensors to screen children for swine flu:

A federal investigation found that the flood-control pumps installed in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina don’t protect the city adequately and the Army Corps of Engineers could have saved $430 million if they had bought proven equipment:

Britain has about 4 million cameras installed, but it has found that all of this monitoring does not really help fight crime. 1,000 cameras solve an average of less than 1 crime per year…they would probably have been better off paying for more police than those 4 million cameras:

Engineers are using Legos to visualize the behavior of particles, cells and molecules in environments too small to see with the naked eye:

New technology could eliminate odors and air pollutants emitted by industrial chicken rendering facilities and large-scale pig farms. This would be great for people living in the area, especially since the emissions can trigger asthma attacks and cause other adverse respiratory health effects.

Scientists found evidence of vivid iridescent colors in feather fossils more than 40 million years old:

More than 2000 dams near population centers in the US are in need of repair:

Google Maps for mobile traffic will provide *free* traffic updates for all US highways and arterials to help drivers get to their destination quicker:

Nokia is going to rely on a Linux-based operating system (Maemo) instead of Symbian for its high-end smartphones:

Pretty sad to see this blue screen of death in this Samsung ad:

For Lori: Kate (from Jon & Kate Plus 8 ) will be a guest-host on The View:


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